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Vermiculite Loose Fill Packing - Large 100 Litre (3.5cu ft) 4-6mm

Vermiculite is an ultra lightweight and clean loose fill packing medium which can be easily poured around irregular shaped objects to ensure their safety during postage and transportation. Vermiculite is a natural mineral which is expanded at high temperatures to produce low density granules that are sterile, inert, absorbent and fire proof. Exfoliated vermiculite has high temperature insulation properties and can be used for acoustic insulation purposes. It is used as loft insulation, for horticulture and in various construction products. It is a good absorbent of many types of liquid. The properties of Exfoliated Vermiculite make it particularly useful in the following areas: " Loft insulation " Packaging " Loose-pour aggregate " Backfill for firebacks and boilers " Firebase embers " High temperature insulation " Wicking agent " Chimney lining

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