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ribbon wound steel strapping

Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping

Strapping is used to bind items such as pallets or larger items into bundles. A strapping dispenser is normally used to make the job easier. These dispensers very in size depending on the application and industry. Strapping is normally measured in width, thickness, break strength, kgs per coil, and coils per pallet. Keep this in mind when determining what's best for the job. The strapping types most commonly used by shippers are polyester, steel, and polypropylene. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, so make sure you select the right one for the job. Steel strapping is normally used for heavier bundles. Plastic and polyester are used for lighter loads. Strapping can be custom printed. Minimum quanties apply, please call for further details.

To order your Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping now, just call our team on 01376 584000 or fill in our form.

13mm x 0.5 x 395m 560kg
16mm x 0.5 x 395m 720kg
19mm x 0.5 x 395m 850kg
32mm x 0.8 x 640m 2040kg

Eco-Friendly Packaging

2 480x

Polythene Packaging & Pallet Wrap

6 480x

Cardboard Boxes, Cartons, Pallets and Cases

1 480x

Strapping, Tools & Machines

5 480x

Bubblewrap & Foam Packaging

7 480x

Papers - Wrapping & Disposables

4 480x

Adhesive & Packing Tape

3 480x

Bags & Sacks

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