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Polythene Metallised Shielding Bags

Transparent Metallized Static Shield Bags are designed for packaging products that are very sensitive to low-level static discharges. The bags have a inner layer designed to prevent charge build-up and an outer layer designed to provide static shielding to protect contents from external sources of static charge. Bags are dark in colour but transparent enough to allow for parts to be identified without opening bags. Static Shield Bags come in zip-lock or open-end styles.

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102mm x 152mm Zip Lock
127mm x 203mm Zip Lock
152mm x 254mm Zip Lock
203mm x 254mm Zip Lock
203mm x 305mm Zip Lock
254mm x 356mm Zip Lock
305mm x 457mm Zip Lock
102mm x 152mm Open Top
127mm x 203mm Open Top
152mm x 254mm Open Top
152mm x 305mm Open Top
203mm x 305mm Open Top
254mm x 355mm Open Top
305mm x 457mm Open Top
355mm x 610mm Open Top
457mm x 508mm Open Top

Eco-Friendly Packaging

2 480x

Polythene Packaging & Pallet Wrap

6 480x

Cardboard Boxes, Cartons, Pallets and Cases

1 480x

Strapping, Tools & Machines

5 480x

Bubblewrap & Foam Packaging

7 480x

Papers - Wrapping & Disposables

4 480x

Adhesive & Packing Tape

3 480x

Bags & Sacks

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