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Polyethlene Foam Roll

Resistant to moisture damage and provides excellent thermal insulation made of recyclable, low density polyethylene reusable an efficient replacement for bulkier, heavier packaging materials to help reduce solid waste. A wide range of thicknesses available - from 0.5mm to 5mm. Laminates combine soft, resilient polyethylene foam with either Kraft paper or high density film backing. Custom laminates available upon request.


To order your polyethlene foam roll now, just call our team on 01376 584000 or fill in our form.

1000mm x 1.5mm x 200m
1000m x 1mm 300m
1000mm x 4mm x 75m
1500mm x 1.5mm x 200m
1500mm x 2.5mm x 120m
1500mm x 4mm x 75m
2 x 750mm x 1mm x 300m
2 x 750mm x 2.5mm x 120m
2 x 750mm x 4mm x 75m
3 x 500mm x 1.5mm x 200m
3 x 500mm x 1mm x 300m
3 x 500mm x 2.5mm x 120m
1000mm x 2.5mm x 120m
1500mm x 1mm x 300m

Eco-Friendly Packaging

2 480x

Polythene Packaging & Pallet Wrap

6 480x

Cardboard Boxes, Cartons, Pallets and Cases

1 480x

Strapping, Tools & Machines

5 480x

Bubblewrap & Foam Packaging

7 480x

Papers - Wrapping & Disposables

4 480x

Adhesive & Packing Tape

3 480x

Bags & Sacks

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