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K60 Tape

Gummed Paper Tape - Standard K70

Gummed paper tape is a Kraft paper tape which has got a water activated adhesive. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard packaging tapes. It also offers being taper proof as once removed from your packaging e.g. a box it cannot be resealed unlike the normal packaging tapes available. It can be used with both manual or electronic dispensers.

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48mm x 200M GSI 24 Rolls
70mm x 200M GSI 16 Rolls

Eco-Friendly Packaging

2 480x

Polythene Packaging & Pallet Wrap

6 480x

Cardboard Boxes, Cartons, Pallets and Cases

1 480x

Strapping, Tools & Machines

5 480x

Bubblewrap & Foam Packaging

7 480x

Papers - Wrapping & Disposables

4 480x

Adhesive & Packing Tape

3 480x

Bags & Sacks

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