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Bio Grey Mailer With Warning

Degradable Mailing Bags With Warning Notice

All our grey printed warning notice mailing bags are 45mu in thickness. The bags come with a child safety suffocation warning notice printed on them. The inside of the bags are black so that you cannot see through the film. The high specification of grey film has been chosen to give the best performance to weight ratio, whilst reducing your postage costs, but ensuring delivery of your products in good condition. With a unique grade of hot melt glue used for sealing the mailing bags, once they are sealed you will have to rip the mailing bags open to get at the contents. Our grey printed warning notice mailing bags can be addressed and accept labels, stamps and pens/biro. Please note, prices are per 1000

To order your degradable mailing bags now, just call our team on 01376 584000 or fill in our form.

245 x 300mm Per 1000
245 x 350mm Per 1000
350 x 400mm Per 1000
350 x 500mm Per 1000
400 x 525mm Per 1000
425 x 600mm Per 1000
525 x 600mm Per 1000
600 x 700mm Per 1000
600 x 900mm Per 1000
700 x 800mm Per 1000
830 x 1050mm Per 1000

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